New in: The Longsleeve T-Shirt

Geen seizoensgebonden collecties, geen verspilling

De laatste decennia is mode een mega-industrie geworden. De oneerlijke en allesbehalve duurzame productiemethoden zijn zodanig uit de hand gelopen, dat wegkijken geen optie meer is. Om ver weg te blijven van deze immorele praktijken en juist bij te dragen aan een duurzamere mode-industrie, besloten we de volgende Golden Rules te hanteren:

•  Putting quality and design first is the core of sustainability. Make a product last.

•  Slow and steady wins the race. One impeccable wardrobe, no overhyped collections.

•  A healthy work environment and fair wage for the people we work with are a must, not a plus. Made in Europe only.

•  Buying conscious doesn’t have to be expensive. No retail mark-ups, always a fair price.

Wij geloven in Eén Onberispelijke Garderobe

Teym sets a new bar for sustainable fashion by building One Impeccable Wardrobe. One item at a time, we’re creating the pieces we’ve spent years searching for. Developed in our Amsterdam atelier and made in Europe, Teym’s products guarantee outstanding design, expert quality and honest production at a fair price. Successfully started off with The Parka in 2015, we are now working on our ninth item. Stay tuned!

Onberispelijke producten voor een eerlijke prijs

We believe honest products should also have an honest price tag. We produce in the same European factories as well known designer brands, but our prices are lower. How come? We skip unnecessary costs by eliminating middlemen and expensive marketing campaigns. You only pay for an impeccable product.

How we do it:

• We don’t let you pay for middlemen or expensive marketing campaigns

• We run our organization efficient as greased lightning

• We don’t do sales - at Teym you have a fair price the entire year round

The Merino Sweater

Gemiddeld verkopen traditionele retailers hun producten voor 5-6 keer zoveel als de productiekosten. Wij? Enkel 2 keer.

Verantwoorde productie in Europa

One Impeccable Wardrobe that lasts forever starts with high quality materials and top-notch production. A healthy work environment and fair wage for the people we work with are an absolute must. We produce in Europe to avoid the adverse effects of global transport and to be able to visit our factories on a regular basis. Our production guidelines:

•  The factories we work with offer a healthy work environment and fair wage

•  Cutting edge craftsmanship

•  Top-notch materials with a sustainable lifespan

•  We only work with people we like - no assholes

Getest tot in perfectie

We are 100% confident about our products as we’ve tested them over and over again. Riding our bikes through unstoppable showers to test The Parka and binge watching our favourite TV-shows on the couch for days to try out our comfortable Sweatsuit. We only launch a new product at the moment we’re literally head over heels about it so you can enjoy it for years to come. Did you know most companies never ever test their products?

•  We have an average amount of 9 samples before a product is added to our wardrobe. It’s all in the details

• We test on different body types and sizes, to find the perfect fit for everyone

•  Developing a new item takes a full year. From finding the perfect materials to testing the durability, we make sure our products tick all the boxes

•  We always incorporate our customers and friends in the design process. Your opinion is very valuable to us

Dit is Maxime, onze bevlogen oprichter

Small steps, big plans. Maxime Cartens founded Teym in 2015 when she couldn’t find a classic, high quality, ethically made yet affordable parka. Ever since she’s been working on Teym’s Impeccable Wardrobe every day.